What’s All This Now?
What’s All This Now?

What’s All This Now?

Welcome to #85bb65, Dave Nadig’s “Working Out Loud” scratchpad.

WORDS Some recent longform writing:

  • Moving from Diagnosis to actually getting things done.
  • What we’re trying to do at Exchange 2024: Building on Sand
  • Why Advisors should be using AI — and why you should be very careful:
  • The World’s Most Boring Banking Crisis:
VIDEO Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time recording one on one interviews with folks. The main purpose of these is to try and have real, learning dialog with people. That sounds so simple, but the whole point of “dialog” is “dia logos” - to learn through speech. I want to sit down with folks and not just blabber about markets and products and politics and regulators, but have substantive discussions, but edited in a way that’s respectful of peoples time. Here’s a running tally:
  • Professor Stuart Russell of UC Berkeley, author of “Human Compatible” and clarion caller for AI regulation: https://youtu.be/1sx7CIX2j4k

Looking for the “Future of Finance” content that consumed much of 2023?


Simplify’s “Entering the Fall” session on the state of ETFs, with a focus on institutions:
Disclaimers and Things:
#85bb65 is ephemeral, and you should not be considered a reliable long term source. Link at your own peril. It’s a scratchpad for thinking out loud.
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