What’s All This Now?
What’s All This Now?

What’s All This Now?

Welcome to #85bb65, the “working out loud” scratchpad for Dave Nadig & Karrie Gordon’s Future of Finance work.
Update on the PolyCrisis — Where does AI fit in?:
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Disclaimers and Things:
#85bb65 is ephemeral, and you should not be considered a reliable long term source. Link at your own peril. It’s a scratchpad for thinking out loud.
Anything published here is not “official-like” VettaFi content, and represents the work and opinion of whomever might have authored a page. If you need to yell at someone, yell at Dave.
If you have suggestions for additional resources, please feel free to suggest them by contacting Dave Nadig through one of the many internet-enabled communication systems (Twitter and Linked in are swell, @DaveNadig)